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Framing Materials


Frame Moulding

Frames for Less has a huge selection of both special order and in-stock moulding. With so many to choose from we’re sure you’ll find something you love!! Frame moulding is the material used to make a picture frame. Frames are made from wood, metal, and composites and come in all imaginable sizes, shapes, and designs. Moulding is cut to size and joined into a frame on site. Some of our suppliers include Larson-Juhl, Roma, Studio, and Tracy Chop.


A large selection of mat board in all colors, types, and textures is available. Mat board is used to accentuate the piece being framed. From a single mat to several layered ones, all colors imaginable, and in a variety of textures, you are sure to achieve the look you want. We carry matboard from Crescent, Bainbridge, and Artique just to name of a few.


Foamcore is what a poster, print, or photo is mounted onto. This ensures that the piece will not ripple or bow during changing climates. Foamcore is also used to compress the contents in a frame towards the glass.


Frames for Less carries both glass and plexi glass. Glass or plexi glass is used to cover and protect your art from the environment. There are several types of glass to choose from:

  • Clear glass does not distort color or details and is the most economical. However, it is not useful in front of a direct light source as your art will become subject to the affects of the sun.
  • Non-Glare glass is a great option for art that will be displayed in front of a direct light source. Non-glare glass should not be used with art that has four or more mats or for art that is set back from the glass as it has a tendency to distort the clarity and colors in these situations.
  • Conservation Glass is ideal to use whenever there is a concern about ultraviolet (uv) light damage to the artwork. In addition, uv light contributes to severe color loss, paper embrittlement, and deterioration of artwork. These effects are both accumulative and irreversible. Unfortunately, the sun is not the only source of harmful uv rays. All light sources whether natural or artificial, have some of the components in the uv range.
  • Plexi glass is a great alternative to using glass. It is half the weight of glass and more shatter resistant. It is ideal for a child’s room, high traffic areas, or oversized art.


There are two types of mounting to choose from. The first involves attaching your piece to foamcore to ensure that it will not ripple of bow during climate changes. The second type is hinging or museum mounting. This is a non-permanent process of attaching the piece to matting. This process allows the piece to hang freely in a frame.